Getting your property ready for the summer

Created: Tuesday, 02 June 2020 Written by Mark Jansen

In recent weeks it has been hot and sunny after the rainfall we had earlier in the spring. Of course, that’s ideal conditions for the grass to grow so we have been busy with the garden as well as the property maintenance side of the business.

This year though has been quite different, for sure. Second homeowners have been unable to visit their properties due to the travel restrictions, which is sad and difficult for our clients I know.

We have been keeping busy though. Throughout the lockdown, our focus has been on essential property maintenance and we have been sending photos to our clients to share with them the progress of our work.

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Important update from Jansen Property Services

Created: Thursday, 19 March 2020 Written by Mark Jansen

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a matter which clearly concerns us all. However I wanted to give an update on how we are dealing with the situation, whilst fully respecting the French Government restrictions.

Let me say first of all: Jansen Property Services is open to business. Nearly 98% of our clients are second home owners; this means that we very familiar with working with clients at a distance, communicating on the phone or the internet.

Of course, there are a number of changes we have had to make, to comply with the law and protect the health and safety of our colleagues, clients and the people who live within the communities we serve. During the outbreak, we are undertaking maintenance services only; project management is on hold due to the obvious difficulties in securing supplies.

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How to prepare your pool for the summer with a spring clean

Created: Monday, 24 February 2020 Written by Mark Jansen

Counting down the days until spring?

I love the longer days and the warm sunshine it brings. I have always enjoyed the outdoor nature of my work, whether it is working on a garden scheme, cleaning or repairing a pool or managing a build project. So having more time outside to carry out these tasks, when the daylight hours lengthen is ideal. I can’t wait!

Springtime is also perfect for preparing your pool for the summer season.

Inevitably, after the winter period there are jobs to do. For example, checking the general condition of the state of the pool to see if there is any damage, cleaning the pump and filter system and sprucing up the tiles and grouting around the pool.

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New Year, new project in France?

Created: Wednesday, 15 January 2020 Written by Mark Jansen

Over the Christmas period and the New Year, we all like to think about the months ahead.

Perhaps we want to finally start that new project we have long talked about, such as installing a new garden feature, decorating the home or even building a swimming pool? Maybe we’ve talked about moving and finding our dream home in France? Alternatively, the time has come to replace your heating system or installing that long desired air conditioning system?

It’s good to dream, but sometimes we need a helping hand to turn these visions into reality.

That’s where Jansen Property can help.

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Whatever your property needs are in France, we can help

Created: Tuesday, 03 December 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Whatever your property needs are in France, we can help

I love the variety in my job: and 2019 has been quite an eventful year.

I enjoy working on renovation and construction projects, helping to make our clients’ dreams a reality in France. However I also like assisting clients by looking after their second homes, keeping their gardens tidy and their swimming pools fresh and clean. It’s all part of the job.

Every year is different it is fair to say.

This year we have had some exciting new projects.

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Bringing a French home back to life after a decade

Created: Tuesday, 12 November 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

One of our latest projects is an attractive town house located in the village of La Sauvetat-de-Blanquefort in the Lot-et-Garonne. This area is similar to the Dordogne with the wooded slopes and forests, a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside and towns.

The house has been owned by the same family for many years. However due to personal circumstances the family had not visited the property for 9 years; the owners spend a lot of time travelling making visits very difficult.

However, last year they contacted us after hearing that the property was in a bad condition – and had received some unwelcome visitors. That is why it is important to arrange for someone to keep an eye on a property if left vacant especially during the winter months.

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Is your property in France ready for winter?

Created: Thursday, 03 October 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

After a long hot summer, we sometimes forget how cold winters can be here in France.

On the coldest of winter nights, the temperature can be as low as - 18° C. Therefore if you have a second home in France or you are planning to spend time away over the winter, it is important to think about some of the practical steps you can take to look after your property.

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Providing a helping hand to property owners in France

Created: Thursday, 29 August 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

If you own a holiday home in France or perhaps you are looking to buy a property, there can be situations which occur where you need help or support from time-to-time.

Maybe you have a new project in your house or your garden; a pool which needs maintaining through the summer; or you are searching for that dream home….

 Jansen Property has been helping many clients do precisely that since 2004. We are also delighted to announce that a new team member has joined us – Jemimah, she lives locally in Biron close to the beautiful château and her role is to provide client support.

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The timeless and charming appeal of Monflanquin

Created: Friday, 02 August 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Monflanquin in the Lot-et-Garonne, South West France is perched high on a hill-top with magnificent views across the Haut Agenais region. The village is a medieval gem and classified as one of the most beautiful towns in France – it is also a personal favourite of ours.

Situated close to where we live, Monflanquin is a ‘bastide’, a fortified town built during the 13th or 14th centuries to defend the local population from attack. Monflanquin is notable for its impressive architecture; indeed historians consider it to be one of the most complete bastides in France. We love the impressive central square and ornate arcades bordering it.

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From purchase to project completion in 6 months…

Created: Wednesday, 03 July 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Last month we completed our latest project in the beautiful village of Monpazier in South West France. It is a nice cosy house but required renovations inside and out.

In January, a couple purchased the property with a view to renting the 3 bedroom house as a gite for the 2019 summer season and appointed Jansen Property the following month. This may sound ambitious – however we are proud to say we have not only delivered the project successfully but the gite is booking up for this summer with reservations already secured.

Please click below to discover how we delivered the project – resulting in the successful launch of the couple’s new gite business.

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Whatever your pool maintenance needs are – we can help

Created: Friday, 07 June 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Whatever your pool maintenance needs are – we can help

Summer is here and it’s the time to enjoy relaxing by your swimming pool with family and friends.

Maybe you have a pool at your home or you have a gite which you rent out during the holiday season. In either case, you will know that keeping a pool clean and fresh involves time and maintenance throughout the summer and beyond.

We understand that! Jansen Property has been looking after pools in our beautiful region in South West France for almost 20 years. There are probably very few pool problems that Mark has not successfully tackled.... As one of our clients Alan says, “When it comes to pool maintenance nobody should ask any questions. Mark Jansen has all the answers.” Thank you Alan!

One of our recent clients has managed their own pool for 16 years and has now decided to contract with us – we are grateful for their confidence and we promise to deliver a great service.

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Have you ever wanted to have your own bar?

Created: Monday, 20 May 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Many of us perhaps dream of having our own bar - and over the next few weeks we will be making that a reality for our latest client.

In April we were approached by the client who lives in Malta and who has recently acquired a property in the west of our region, in the Lot-et-Garonne. Although in good shape, it is an old building and the new owner wishes to personalise it to his own taste with significant updating.

The aim of the project is to refurbish the premises, decorate the entire interior, creating a micro-cement floor, plus removing the chimney and wood burners. We will also be fitting double French opening doors providing external access to the terrace combined with the installation of a CCTV system.

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Whatever your size of project in France, we can deliver

Created: Friday, 12 April 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

In February a new client contacted us to help them after buying a property near Monpazier. The house is to be let as a gite and they wanted Jansen Property’s advice as to how to make it more attractive as a place to stay and how to maximise the rental value.

We met with the couple, who live abroad, and gave our opinion on the work required to secure a good letting income during the summer. Although the property and gardens were generally in good condition, they were keen to ensure that the house had the ‘wow’ factor, so we produced a list of improvements inside and out.

With the summer fast approaching it clearly was important to get started quickly with this project – and within 2 days of the couple agreeing our quotation, we had got to work. 

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Enjoy a stress-free summer by the pool with our VIP maintenance service

Created: Monday, 18 March 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Summer is not too far away…and what better ways to enjoy the long, hot summertime with a relaxing dip in the pool? If you have a holiday home in France or live here permanently, many of us are fortunate to have a swimming pool – and of course a pool needs regular maintenance. This will keep it safe to use and in tip-top condition.

We understand this. That is why we offer a wide range of different VIP maintenance support contracts to suit all pockets.

Recently a long-standing client contacted us for help in opening up his pool before the summer season. For several years, we have helped him to open and close his pool and assisted with occasional ‘trouble-shooting’. However, the client was not aware of the more extensive services we provide – which will save all our clients time and money in the long-term by keeping a pool properly maintained, with the right balance of chemicals and also potentially reduce other common pool problems before they become more serious.

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3 Questions to ask before you choose your pool maintenance company

Created: Friday, 08 February 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

If you are considering hiring a company to look after your swimming pool this season there are a few questions you need to ask. A swimming pool is very much the heart of the home in the summer, so who you choose is important.

Maybe you have recently bought a holiday home or have made a permanent move to France; or you simply wish to spend more time on other projects rather than carrying out repairs or maintenance.

Here are three suggested questions:

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How to enjoy a stress-free pool this summer season

Created: Sunday, 27 January 2019 Written by Mark Jansen

Happy New Year!

We hope that had a great festive season and are now looking forward to the hotter and sunnier days to come later this year.

A crystal clear, sparkly clean swimming pool is something we all want to have and enjoy – all year round. However, cleaning a pool is not always fun – and someone has to do it! Occasionally there may be problems; perhaps the pH levels are too high; the filters have become blocked or you discover the day before a guest arrives that you have a green pool….

Maybe you have recently bought your new French home and are frustrated in not being able to find a person who really understands how to properly look after a pool. Alternatively you simply want peace of mind that someone with the experience or expertise will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. If you have also owned a gite with a pool, these difficulties can be a real additional hassle you do not need when you are trying to run your business.

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What clients say

Yair & Hila
Hila and my self ( Yair) would like to strongly commend Mark and Sandra for the outstanding renovation they planned and executed in our new property acquired early 2019 named Le Brugal near Monpazier Dordogne. We could not have chosen a more professional , responsible and committed team to conduct ,what to us seamed originally to be quite a challenging hurdle e.g. renovating a French country house on a 6000 sqm property with a swimming pool, with intention to convert it in to an appealing property for short rentals to families desiring a vacation in Dordogne's France. Mark and Sandra's ideas, their attention to our taste and to the details and their strive for perfection was outstanding. Mark and Sandra assumed full responsibility for anything from buying small furniture items all the way to dealing with replacing large infrastructure necessities such as tiles around the swimming pool. The compliance with predicted budgets, the close liaison and progress repor...

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