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Here you will find a small overview of the project works that Jansen Property has carried out or managed over the years.
It is a small selection of what we do and are able to do, so please contact us if the job you had in mind is not listed.

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  • Amazing poolhouse and beautiful terrace
  • Challenging project: a pool in a rock area
  • Drainage around the house
  • Much nicer without the fence around this pool
  • New garage
  • New pool construction
  • New pool for Chalet les Ormes
  • New septic tank
  • Refreshment of courtyard
  • Terrace and garden

Amazing poolhouse and beautiful terrace

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  This was quite a significant renovation at the beginning of this year.

We built a new pool house in the place where the old pergola was, renovated the pool and designed a complete new terrace.

Cherry on the cake? The shower inside the pool house. Personally I love the details in the terrace floor!...

Challenging project: a pool in a rock area


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This project is quite a...

Drainage around the house


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After a well organized renovation of the house the converted cellar had problems of dampness during winter.
A simple drainage with digger, 100 mm drainage pipe and pebbles solved...

Much nicer without the fence around this pool

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  The owner of this holiday rental property wanted to upgrade his pool to make it more attractive for his guests. We completely renovated the pool itself with liner and stairs over the full width of the pool.
The terrace was completely renewed as well and we took out the gate around it. The shutter that covers the pool keeps the water from cooling off too much, keeps dirt out and is good...

New garage

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After having their new house finished, the customers wanted to have a garage built in the same style. Living abroad they made a wise decision; by hiring Jansen Entretien they saved a lot of time and money and the stress was taken away!
Jansen Entretien managed the project from completing the initial paper work until the final satisfying result.
During the construction the customers was kept...

New pool construction


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  The Somville’s had decided at the end of 2011 that they wanted to have a swimming pool built to match their new property. They choose to let Jansen Property manage the project. Despite the bizarre winter we had the construction went perfectly. They are enjoying their new pool at the moment with a beautiful terrace with natural ‘Travertin’ slabs.
A parking area has been created and a stone wall.

New pool for Chalet les Ormes

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Chalets Les Ormes is a holiday park in Lot-et-Garonne, just south of the Dordogne, with over 30 rental units and it is a true paradise. The owners wanted to offer their guests an even better service and decided to build a new and larger swimming pool.
Discussions between Jansen Property and Jan and Rianne began at the end of 2010. In early 2012 we began the construction of the new pool and work...

New septic tank


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If you make an extension to the house that contains more bedrooms, this means that the septic system needs to be adjusted in size or replaced completely. Being abroad, our customer left this task to us. We organized the building permission, obtained all the necessary quotes and managed the project during that time and now we undertake all the property maintenance....

Refreshment of courtyard


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This involved the creation of an entrance with gate and pillars, fencing and hedges of a fine property in the Lot-et- Garonne. A nice olive tree built as a monument in the courtyard and refreshment of the gravel....True property...

Terrace and garden


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These customers had decided to work with us after seeing our portfolio on our web site. That's always great to hear! The pool was under construction at this time. But the pool house, the terrace and the garden became our mission. We completed the pool house, landscaped terrace (connected terraces to the level of the existing pool) and designed the garden. We are very pleased with the result...! ...

What clients say

Mr Hampton
Just a quick note to thank you for all your great work on our holiday property garden and pool Mark. We can always count on you to get the job done well. Thanks also for recommending us to Nancy Simons of Rental Tonic who has been of great value to our gite business and improved our bookings no end. Keep up the good work!